31. Mar, 2015

Would you like to know the morning routine?  They wake around 7am, first thing in the morning mum (Georgie) gives them a feed and is anxious to see them to say 'good morning' check they are alright, although she sleeps in the same room as them - if she wants to.  Then she has her food - its necessary to feed her after she has fed the pups so she doesn't regurgitate her food.  In the wild the Dam will regurgitate her food to feed the pups to ween them and some domestic bitches still do this.  Well Georgie does, but she doesn't need to.  I think she needs the nutrition herself - so after she has fed them, I keep her away for an hour, she goes out into the garden and has a bit of 'me' time with my husband and the hens.  When Georgie is out in the garden, the pups get their puppy food and then they play for about half an hour.  This morning instead of putting them in the cage I let them out and they had a good run around - loved it!  Its at this time when they are at play that their cage gets completely cleaned out and disinfected and fresh bedding put down.  Then they have a nice warm bed to go back to and after all the excitement they sleep.


30. Mar, 2015

I was thinking back to when we got first got Georgie.  When she was around 10 weeks old, we let her out in the garden and she was having a rare old run around.  At the bottom of our garden we have a pond – it isn’t very big but it is quite deep.  I didn’t think for one minute that she would try and ‘walk on water’ but she did and sunk.  Boy did I panic! I was on the verge of jumping in after her.  Then her head popped up and she started doggie paddling around the pond.  No worse for wear but she wouldn’t have been able to get out of the pond on her own as the sides are too deep.  I just wanted to say be careful of any lakes, ponds or deep water near you.