Milopaws Cocker Spaniels

Milopaws cocker spaniels are a small hobby kennel, we are situated on the outskirts of Southampton in Hampshire.

We customarily have one or two planned litters a year, show type English Cocker Spaniels.  Puppies are bred from quality health tested blood lines compatible with our cockers of good type and superb temperament.

We only breed from suitably aged, healthy bitches and would never knowingly breed from hereditary defective lines. 

All puppies are home reared, handled by our family and will be use to the noises of a busy household.  Our puppies will only ever be homed to people and families who can provide a high level of quality loving care.

You may be interested to know how we came about the name Milopaws.  Years ago we used to live in a little village.  Near the village, across the fields and through a woodland there was a grass clearing with a brook running through - a secret area known only to the locals.  On bank holidays and other fine warm days, local people would gather and have a picnic whilst the local children would paddle safely in the brook.  This area is known to the local people as Milopores - pronounced mill-op-ores.  Milopaws is a derivative of this name.  Milopores is a beautiful scenic stress free place - similarly if you treat your Milopaws puppy well then you will be rewarded with years of beautiful stress free memories.  I wonder whether you will be able to find a mill-op-ores on your walks?