Courses and Books

The purpose of this section on my website is to advise on courses that you may find interesting and also books that I have found useful.

You may be wondering how to care for your Cocker’s coat.  There are several dog groomers who run a one day workshop.  You would have to contact the individual groomers to enquire about cost, I have paid from £70. To £125. for the day.  I can honestly say that I have come away from each course with something.  Why not use your search engine to find out if there is groomer near you where you could spend the day or morning learning about your dogs coat, usually you can take your dog with you.  Initially I decided to learn to groom my dog to keep the grooming costs down.  However, this has since turned into a hobby.  Several years ago I did an online course with the Open College, although I found this online course really useful, it didn’t give me practical experience.  Georgie uncomplainingly allowed me to practice my new found skills on her.  She is exceptionally tolerant and I put this down to her temperament.  However, with Tess I wanted her to have a natural coat, I wanted to learn how to hand strip.  When Tess was 10 months old we duly headed off to Dogs Delight, please see the section on my website regarding hand stripping.  Below is a list of the courses that I have attended.

One day course - Absolutely Animals Ltd, London.  SE12 0AE

One day course - Dogs Delight, Chiswick, London.  W4 3HD

One day course – Sparsholts College, Hampshire

A master class spent with Plinio lcassati (tees weesi) of the dog grooming world.

Other Courses attended include;

Life Skills for Puppies course, Botley, Hampshire.

First Aide Course for dogs, Botley, Hampshire.

Canine Communication, Bursledon, Hampshire.

Breed Seminar, West Parley (run by the kennel club)

Natalie Light (dog behaviour and training expert) runs some interesting courses, I can recommend her website  















Life skills for puppies

Helen Zuich & Daniel Mills




Anyone new to dog ownership or who are planning on getting a dog would benefit from this book.



Showing Your Dog

Elaine Everest




Explains the dog show world perfectly.



Cocker Spaniel

Bruce Fogle




Discusses American and English Cocker Spaniel



The Cocker Spaniel

Ed Derek Shapland




Has a bit of everything – I plan to put a copy of this book in the puppy pack of any new puppy owner.



The Dog Breed Bible

D Caroline Coile Ph.D




Discusses, all or most breeds, their history, temperament, upkeep and health.



All you need to know about your Cocker Spaniel

Jane Simmonds




Traces the history of the breed, offers expert advice on choosing a puppy, care and training.



Dog Games

Christiane Blenski




If a dog could read they would choose this book!  But better still your dog would prefer you to use this book!



The Cocker Spaniel Handbook

Linda Whitwam




Has practically everything in this book – also has a section that discusses the difference between Show type and the Working Cocker.  Comments from dog owners.



Book of the Bitch

J M Evans & Kay White




This is the book to have if you are planning to breed.