It's great to keep in touch with the puppy parents, I know how busy life is and time seems to fly past - but it gives the whole family a buzz when we occasionally hear how the pups are getting on.  

To protect identity I have omitted the human names, but I have their permission to post these comments.


I thought I'd just send you a message to say how brilliant Bonnie is - the best thing that ever happened to us! Here are a couple of pictures of her from over the 'summer' - the 'IMG' one is a picture of her last night after Bronze puppy class - very tired :)

Bonnie is so lovely - friends with all the dogs and people she meets, bouncy, snuggly, soooo affectionate! She is super intelligent and learns things so quickly! And people stop to talk to her and to comment how beautiful she is (even owners with their own spaniels!). She hates the rain but LOVES streams, dirty ditches and the beach!

She is also very petite (except when taking up the bed!) and curly!


How cute are they!!


Merry Christmas to you all, I was going to send some pictures at the weekend as Dexter is going to the groomers tomorrow and wanted him to look tip top for you!


Dexter is brilliant - we were saying how we can't believe this is his first Christmas, it feels as if he has been here forever!


He is such a delightful puppy - but very spoilt by us all!  We no longer have him in a crate and he chooses to sleep with max every night which is something we never allowed lucky to do - but we can't resist him and Max loves it! Dexter follows Lucky everywhere and she is a real mum to him it's lovely! They really got on from day one so we have been very lucky.


He has been so easy to train and just wants to please, such a placid temperament - I can honestly say he hasn't chewed anything or been any trouble at all!



Thnk you for the picture of Topsy’s Mum and Sister. 


We hope that you like the attached picture of Topsy. We have a lot of fun with her and she has been such a good puppy - no disturbed nights even when she was only tiny! She loves her walks, especially when she can play with other dogs.


She starts obedience classes on January!!





It's Alfie's mum. We were planning on going away from10-12th Dec. I remembered that you mentioned a while back that you might be setting up boarding kennels, and wondered if so whether we could pay for Alfie to stay with you? He knows you all well so thought it was worth an ask. If not then do you have any recommendations on kennels?

It would be lovely to have Alfie come to stay, is that for 3 days? I haven't set up a boarding kennel as such - so I haven't got any insurance.  However, we know Alfie and he would be very well looked after - how does a tenner a day sound? plus food, bring any toys and his lead.




 Good grief, where has the time gone? I can’t believe Bonnie and Tess are nearly two!!!


I hope all is well? I thought I should at least let you know how good life is with Bonnie!


As you can imagine, she is the centre of our world! She is such a lovely natured, affectionate, happy, bonkers dog! And people think she is still a puppy she is so petite – and still gets the zoomies! J


I’ve attached some photos from this year – she doesn’t look any different to this time last year!


She loves other dogs so much (there’s a picture of her with one of her friends – a 12-week old dachshund)! Her everyday job is to carry leaves or sticks home from each walk, to keep the streets tidy ;)