We are hopeful that we will have a litter due mid February.

Any breeder worth their salt will want to ensure that the pups that they have bred go to homes where they will be loved and cared for by their new owners as much as they have been loved and cared for by the breeder.  Therefore, please expect to have as many questions asked by the breeder as you will be asking of the breeder.  Whether you are new to dog ownership or have had a dog in the past, If you are thinking about adding a dog to your pack then I would ask you to consider the following; 

We only ever breed when we want a puppy ourselves.  We breed healthy, socialised puppies for ourselves and other families to enjoy.  We only breed from fit, healthy and suitably aged bitches.  We are proud to say that all Milopaws puppies will be unaffected with either Familial Nephropathy (FN), Acral Mutilation Syndrom (AMS) and prcd-PRA.  In addition our bitches are hip scored under the BVA/KC hip dysplasia scheme and they have an annual eye check for BVA/KCISDS Goniscopy.  We would never knowingly breed from hereditary defective lines.

I thought I would tell you a bit about Barclay, the stud dog that we have used to mate with Tess.  He has been shown at Crufts and as such has a KC stud book number. He is a beautiful black and white dog with a superb temperament.  His owner has owned and shown English Cocker Spaniels for decades and is a great authority on the breed. Barclay throws Blue roan, Blue Roan and Tan, Black and White, Black/White and Tan and Orange Roan.   Although we do not keep a stud dog, we endeavour to ensure that the stud dogs have had all the health checks, are fit and healthy and have a superb temperament.  This is definitely the case with Barclay.  All health certificates will be open for inspection by prospective puppy owner upon request.   

We endeavour to be responsible people and following a successful visit and inspection  by The Kennel Club in April 2015 we received top marks in all categories and are proud to be Accredited and we are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

All our puppies are home-reared with the utmost care and attention possible.  They are kept in their whelping area (our dog sitting room) until they are 6 weeks of age.  By doing this the puppies are exposed to relevant sights and sounds.  On warm days the patio doors will be opened and the pups will hear the birds and smell the air!  Our puppies are handled by visitors of all ages thus enabling them to get used to people and a home environment.  After six weeks the puppies have room to exercise in the kitchen area as well as the dog room and are introduced to our older dog.  We have had some amazing feedback from past puppy owners.

‘Bonnie is so lovely – friends with all the dogs and people she meets, bouncy, snuggle, soooo affectionate! She is super intelligent and learns things so quickly! And people stop to talk to her and to comment on how beautiful she is (even owners with their own spaniels!)  She hates the rain but LOVES streams, dirty ditches and the beach!’

‘Dexter is brilliant – we were saying how we can’t believe this is his first Christmas, it feels as if he has been here forever!  He is such a delightful puppy – but very spoilt by us all! We no longer have him in a crate and he chooses to sleep with Max every night which is something we never allowed lucky to do – but we can’t resist him and Max loves it!  Dexter follows Lucky everywhere and she is a real mum to him its lovely!  They really got on from day one.’

‘He has been so easy to train and just wants to please, such a placid temperament – I can honestly say he hasn’t chewed anything or been any trouble at all.’

‘We have a lot of fun with her and she has been such a good puppy – no disturbed nights even when she was only tiny!  She loves her walks, especially when she can play with other dogs.’

As you can tell, we really like to keep in touch with our puppy owners and look forward to receiving photos and letters from them.  We provide lifelong advice and support to all our puppy owners, we are just a telephone call away, no matter how trivial you may think the question or problem might be.

The new owners of our puppies will be provided with a quantity of food, diet sheet, worming and vet immunisation details, puppy check list, a five generation pedigree certificate, registration document, contract of sale, 4 weeks free insurance, microchip number (compulsory since April 2016), cocker spaniel book, exercise and socialization advice (in wallet), toy and cuddly blanket (full of smells to go home with).  Or you may wish to provide your own cuddly blanket that will have your new owners scent that I will place in the puppy pen a few days prior to puppy going home so that they will have old and new smells to go home with.  All puppies are also veterinary checked and will have their first vaccination before they leave us. 

We do not advocate selling our puppies for breeding purposes.  They are sold to prospective owners to enjoy as pets.  As such all our puppies have endorsements on their registration certificates, this hopefully protects them from being mated to unsuitable dogs/dams that are not health tested, are potentially incompatible that could mean that their progeny cannot be registered.  In addition this also means that they cannot be taken out of the country without our permission.

We are more than happy for prospective puppy owners to visit us, however this only applies to those people on our waiting list.  We are though happy to give advice to anyone who may be considering choosing and buying a puppy.  I would suggest that you consider; whether the entire family like the idea? Experience has shown that if one or more are against a pet, then bringing an animal into that environment can cause considerable family friction and stress.  Have you weighed up the financial implications?  I would definitely recommend taking or keeping up the pet insurance that the puppy goes home with.  Earlier this year one of my dogs fell ill, during the Easter bank holiday time.  Agria pet insurance were brilliant, no quibbling and repaid my £400 vet fees. 

Have you considered the time implications.  Dogs are pack animals they take comfort in the family, their pack.  If someone buys a puppy then leaves it for hours each day, many behavioural problems can arise not least separation anxiety.  Will your employment now and in the foreseeable future allow you to give the time, security and patience that this little puppy will need from you.  Puppies should not be left alone for longer than 4 hours.  Adding a new member to your pack can be an exciting time but it can be a difficult, traumatic and anxious time for the puppy.  Suddenly being taken away from the security of the breeder, the mother and the pup’s siblings – fear can set in deeply.  They need your time, attention, comfort and reassurance at this critical time. I would advise you to take into consideration your health, age and overall time constraints.  Ask yourself what sort of dog do we want?  Do you want an active or a sedentary dog?  Watch out for the temperament.  I would suggest that you research both the negative and positive side of your chosen breed.  Look for a breed that is suitable for your lifestyle and environment.

Once you have decided, please see the section on my website regarding ‘STOP PUPPY FARMING’ - There are some people called puppy farmers who are absolutely deplorable.  Puppies from these farms normally have major health and behavioural problems throughout their lives.  This is caused mainly through poor breeding, no health testing, bad sanitation, cheap food and bad handling.

They are generally taken from their mother and siblings far too early causing socialisation problems with people and other dogs.  Never buy a puppy from a pet shop or any other similar outlet. You could be supporting the horrific trade in puppy-farmed dogs.   I would also suggest that you do not buy on impulse or because you feel sorry for a frightened or timid puppy.

Be very careful about any certification that may be supplied with the puppy.  There are breeders who will have a nice website who will declare that the puppies are registered and health tested but will provide fake health certificates and registration certificates that are nothing to do with the Kennel Club.  Going with a Kennel Club Assured breeder is the right thing to do, even if you have to wait a while for your puppy.  Nothing in this life is ever 100 per cent guaranteed, even as with healthy humans sadly things can sometimes go wrong.  However, we can only try our best and that is what a Kennel Club Assured Breeder will always do.

Finally, and this may appear obvious, when you go to see your puppy make sure that you at least see the mother.  Be very aware of the breeder who says that the mother isn’t available for viewing.

 All pups will be registered on the Kennel Club Website when they reach 4 weeks of age.