18. Jan, 2017

18/1/2017 and 23/1/2017



Just over three weeks to go.  The past week Tess has been a bit off her food - getting pickie - I have been trying to tempt her to a few tasty morsels.  I read somewhere that it is a good idea to start giving them little and often meals as it is likely and understandable that, with the pups taking up more room in the abdomen that there is less room for the stomach to expand.  Apparently starting them on puppy food at around this time ensures that they get enough protein.  Well that idea hasn't worked.  Although Tess woofed down some cat food biscuit!  I think this is the canine equivalent of a craving.  Either that or the Tom next door is the responsible or irresonsible father.  Um now that puts me in mind of an interesting hybrid Cat/Dog . ... No this is wrong I must get that thought out of my mind!!!

This past week although keen to go on her walk, Tess hasn't wanted to walk so far.  She is getting rounder.  They can't tell you they don't want to walk, she just lays down on the cold frosty pavement - she has just been having around fifteen minutes instead of her usual forty-five minute walk.  On Friday 20th we drove down to Highcliffe - it was one of those days when the sky is blue but you have to wrap up warm, it was brisk.  Georgie loved running around and digging in the sand.  Tess would normally be running around, crazy, tail wagging.  Well she wasn't quite so energetic but her tail was wagging.  I thought the fresh air would help with her appetite.  It worked she had a good dog meal when we got back.

I cooked up some ham hocks for a receip of mine that my family love - and there is always plenty of ham left over for the dogs.  They just can't resit it - I was able to mix up some of the ham with plenty of their dog food biscuits. This has worked a treat three meals each later - empty bowls and the dogs asking for more!!  Well they would if they could talk.  The only downside is that I was a bit late getting downstairs this morning - if you can call 7.45 late and Tess couldn't hold on, so I had a splodge to clear up - well at least it was a solid poo.  I thought I might as well mention everything in this blog - no point in glossing over the facts.  Its unusual for Tess to mess indoors so I'm putting it down to her being pregnant.


Tess has had a scan today and the vet has confirmed that she is pregnant.  There are at least four pups there.  Difficult apparently to confirm exact numbers, as its more accurate to predict numbers between days 21 and 28 of pregnancy.  Although not that accurate as its not uncommon for an embrio or foetus to be reabsorbed.  

I wanted Tess to have a scan because if there is only one or two puppies then apparently they can grow quite big and there is a possiblity that there could be a difficult whelp.  Similarly if its a large litter then the pups can come early - as they run out of room.  So the idea of the scan was to help us be prepared.

It is good to have the pregnancy confirmed by the vet although Tess being pregnant hasn't come as too much of a surprise.  In the dog world bitches don't always look pregnant until the last two weeks.  However, Tess has been particularly snuggly.  Another sign has been shown is that she has been off her food.  Very unusual for Tess - she was the greediest puppy in her litter and has always had a good appetite!!  However, she doesn't seem to be able to resist the odd bit of cheese or lean cooked meat.  Perhaps she is just getting pickie because she knows there are better pickins to had!

She has been sick just once about two week ago - just a tiny bit.  Unlike us humans, dogs can't tell you that they feel hormonely yuke!  Another thing that is unusual is that she hasn't wanted to walk much, this could in part be because my dogs don't enjoy walking in the rain - although Georgie (Tess mum) loves a good wallow in a muddy puddle!  Funny that!