26. Jan, 2017


Collected the Whelping box today.  Had a good long chat with a fellow cocker spaniel/golden retriever enthusiast.  This lady also knows the stud dog owner and printed me out some lovely pictures of Barclay.  So have two more photos to show prospective puppy owners.  He really is such a good looking black and white spaniel.

The only thing was Tess was indoors for a bit longer than her bladder could manage and there was a puddle when we returned.  Tess and her mum Georgie were also ravenous when we came in.  Woofed down their dinner.  Then later off for a walk but Tess is beginning not to want to walk for long distances.  Although always enthusiastic to go for her walks, she soon started to pull back to go home.  So it was just a fifteen minutes walk round the block, or should I say woddle.  She is filling out round the middle - the pups are growning.

Tess though was a little bit sick this evening - dogs can't tell you how they feel - but it looked like she had been eating some grass.  She is quite bright and alert, or at least she was, before she decided to have a snuggle up and a snooze.  Later I will offer her a smaller meal. Don't want her to go to bed hungry.