31. Jan, 2017


With around 16 days to go the whelp date is getting nearer and Tess is filling out.  Her abdominal area is beginning to get more barrel like in shape, I've noticed that her teets are getting more pointie.  Tess has a good appetite, however, just lately she is only able to managing a small amount of diet.  This is more than likely due to the fact that the pups are beginning to grow and are taking up more room in her abdomen, making less room for her stomach to expand.  Because of this she is now having three small meals a day.  I have noticed though that Tess isn't the only dog in the house that is getting more barrel like.  Georgie (Tess' mum) is fed twice a day, she waits patiently for Tess to finish her meals, then when Tess walks away.  Georgie homes in and scoffs the leftovers.  Now I could take the leftovers away, I think though that this is just a temporary pattern.  When the pups are born I am expecting that Tess' appetite will increase, Georgie will be left disappointed - there will be no leftovers.  

I have prepared a pile of hand towels and cleared a space in the kithen where items for the whelp can be stored - ready for when they are needed.  Items include;

Veterinary Nutri Drops - this is a just incase item, necessary for any flagging pups or if Tess begins to flag.  

Drontal Puppy Suspension - all pups will be wormed.

Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement for Tess - All those pups to feed - if Tess is drained of calcium and Vitamin D then she could become very ill.

I have purchases a 205ml size Beaphar feeding set - just in case Tess is unable to feed any of the pups - we have to be prepared.  We may have to feed one or more of the pups by hand, this would entail feeding every two hours.

Lactol vitamin fortified milk powder fr the puppies - Cows milk will not do, it has to be a special puppy formula.