4. Feb, 2017


Now there is around 12 days to go and the foetuses are now around 3 inches long around 8cm.  Between now and the birth there will be further rapid growth of the foetuses.  Tess is managing small meals - she is eating little and often.  She hasn't been too keen to go on her walks, the rain hasn't helped, but she enjoys a mooch around the garden.  She is keeping well although sleeping a lot.  Today we are putting together and positioning the whelping box.  I will put her usual bedding in the whelping box so that she can get used to it.  I am assembling other items and putting them ready in the kitchen by the towels.  These items include; surgical gloves, KY Jelly, kitchen paper, head touch, a spare premature baby feeder, plastic bowl, heat pad, anticeptic, sterile scissors, gauze swabs, expellor, note book and pen and emergency phone number for the vet (including out of hours number).

It is now a waiting game - and I am reading up on the birth and watching Youtube births.  So there wont be too much to write about until after the birth when I will return to this blog to keep you informed of the day to day events of the puppies coming into the world and growing up.