19. Feb, 2017

No wonder the pups are putting on weight!

Tess has been working full out feeding the pups, but she hasn't forgotten her toys.  Can you spot the blue and white sheep?  Tess needs those calories and every meal needs to be tasty, she is having six meals a day.  Would you like to know what Tess's daily routine is?

It actually starts around 3am each morning.  The pups are awake squeaking, sounding more and more like mini woofs noises.  She cleans them then they settle down for a feed, but it isn't quiet you can hear them gorging.  When they have finished Tess is looking for food, after her meal she goes outside for a sniff.  At 6.30 the whole process is repeated, except this time when Tess goes outside she meets up with her mum, Georgie and they spend some time together in the garden.  Every morning at 9 am the pups are weighed - thankfully there is no cause for concern, they are all gaining weight.  They will be weighed daily for two weeks at around the same time, then providing all is okay, they will be weighed weekly.

When Tess is outside its a good opportunity to change all the bedding, I have kept the heat pad on under the bedding, its very snug for them.  I don't want the pups to loose calories by having to burn calories to keep warm, I want them to have the calories to grow - I am sure that Tess is in agreement with this.  When Tess comes back indoors it is time for her wash and brush up - takes about 10 minutes - Tess likes this contact and offers no objection.  Its also a good time for me to check her over.  I have noticed that she has a tiny bit of ooze on the corner of her right lower eyelid.  Apparently spaniels are prone to having eye infections.  None of my spaniels have ever had any eye infections. (I'm talking about 60 years of spaniel ownership).  However, yesterday, Saturday I took her to the emergency vet - I had thought of waiting until Monday, however, we have pups and if Tess has conjunctiveitis I don't want the pups to catch it.  She is having fusidic acid applied twice a day to both eyes, this morning there is a definate improvement and I am glad that this infection appears to have been knocked on the head.

11.00 hours and Tess is ravenous again, she has a tiny bit of calcium supplement mixed in with brine, rice, ham hock and veg.  Wolfs it down!!! yum yum yum - goes outside again then at 11.30 the process of cleaning and feeding the pups resumes.  This whole process is repeated again at 15.00 hours, 18.00 hours and 22.30 hours.  The last feed appears to be an extra long feed, takes over an hour before the pups roll over with gorged round bellies.

Between feeds though Tess goes outside in the garden and usually meets up with her mum. Tess doesn't like Georgie her mum going near her pups, she will give a low growl to ward her off.  This is a good thing and shows that Tess is protecting and looking after her pups.  

I think this afternoon, if Tess wants to - we may go out for a short walk round the block.  We will wait for a time when the pups are asleep and I'll take Georgie with us.