21. Feb, 2017

Thoughts on weaning

At around 8 weeks of age the puppies will be ready to go to their new homes.  They will go to their new home with a puppy pack that will include advice on the following;

  • Socialisation advice
  • Exercise advice
  • Training advice
  • Feeding advice & puppy’s diet information
  • Grooming advice
  • Worming advice & puppy’s worming record
  • Immunisation advice, including advice specific to your puppy
  • Breed-specific features and characteristics information
  • Contract of sale
  • We do not advocate selling our puppies for breeding purposes.  They are sold to prospective owners to enjoy as pets. 

They will also go with a toy, book on the breed, comfort blanket and a supply of their puppy food and 4 weeks insurance.  All puppies will be microchipped before they go to their new homes (a legal requirement from April 2016).  My dogs are fed on dried food and yesterday I contacted Eukanuba - tomorrow I am hopeful that I will receive a supply of puppy food that the pups can go home with.  Future puppy parents may wish to change the food that their puppy is fed on and there is a regime in the puppy pack that can be followed to ensure a smooth transition from one food type to another type of food.  Whether you change the food or not, increases of food should always be gradual and a good idea is to increase the amount on a weekly basis from 8 weeks until the puppy is 16 weeks old.  Puppies can be greedy or picky with their food so it can sometimes be difficult to gauge how much to give them.  Typically, by the time a puppy reaches 16 weeks, it will need roughly the same amount as when it is an adult.

When the puppies go to their new homes they will be fully weaned, in the meantime, weaning from a liquid diet to a solid diet will commence when the puppies are between 2 and 4 weeks old.  Weaning can potentially be a stressful time for pups, as the pups move from total dependence on their mum to independence.  Therefore careful management and feeding will be required.

Small amounts of moistened kibble (puppy food) will be offered in shallow bowls.  It will more than likely be necessary to put a small piece of moistened kibble in their mouth to start them off.  Some pups will take to their new food quickly whereas others will take a few days longer to adjust.  It's worth mentioning that whilst the pups are starting their new diet that their mum Tess is kept away during the feeding time.  This is to stop her regurgitating her own food for the pups.  This is what they do in the wild but it isn't really necessary for a domestic dog to do this.  Also I want Tess to keep her own nutritional levels up.  Not all bitches do this but Georgie, Tess's mum did, so Tess could follow her own mum - instinct can be very strong.

Also its worth mentioning that as their nutritional levels increase so they will gain in strength and mobility.  At around this time the puppies will be moving from their whelping/nursery area to a puppy pen that is larger and will have more room for them to move and play in.  Tess will still have full access to them but will be kept asway during puppy feeding times.