24. Feb, 2017

Puppy Training

The pups are gaining weight fast and all have more than doubled their original birth weight.  This georgeous little boy on the left is one of the biggest, his KC name will be Milopaws Valentine.  I thought I might start putting individual pictures on as well as group photos.  They are still contained in their whelping box at the moment, they sleep a lot - all that growing.  In a few days time I will put the puppy pen up, this will be an exciting time for the pups because they will also commence their weaning regime, in due course they will have more energy and they will start to become much more active.  Although puppies sleep for around 80% of the time.  Its at this time that Tess will take less interest in them, this is a natural process.  

In a few days time they will open their eyes then shortly after they will be able to see.  At around 14 days their ear canals will open and they will be able to hear.  A whole new world will be opening up to them.  At the moment though I am sure that they can smell, they know where the milk is!

On another note I thought I would mention a little bit about toilet training and training classes.  When they go into the puppy pen at one end I will put some newspaper, when they start to look as if they are going to go to the toilet I will gently put them on the newspaper.  I am not saying that when they go to their new homes they will be house trained, but its a strart.  Its worth noting that puppies like babies, have poor bladder control they may need to go to the toilet several times an hour when they are awake.  When they go to their homes they will need to be taken outside first thing in the morning, last thing at night, after each meal and waking after a nap.  There will be further information about this in the puppy pack.  Past puppy parents have informed me that their individual puppies have been easy to train.  I think we are lucky as new puppy parents will have the weather on their side as you will need to accompany your puppy into the garden and each time when they perform, give them plenty of praise.  For a few weeks or even a few months, depending on the puppy, new puppy parents will need to spend quite a bit of time house training their new pup - but don't worry they will soon get the hang of it.

On another note about training, I plan to take the puppy that we are keeping to dog training classes.  This isn't because I don't know how to train my dogs but because I believe that training her in the company of other dogs could be very useful to her.  Georgie, Tess' mum used to go into doggy day care twice a week and got used to mixing with othe dogs from quite a young age.  Tess went to ringcraft classes but also had Georgie as company.  So this time the new pup (haven't decided on her regular name) is going to partake in The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, we will start with the Puppy Foundation.  It will be good for us to have some time together.  If you would like to find a training class near you please visit www.findaclub.org.uk

On another note, I was asked yesterday about what my thoughts were on spaying and neutering.  Most vets will probably advise you to get your dog done!  However, at the end of the day it is up to the individual dog owner, you may find the following website of interest;