1. Mar, 2017

To Clip or not to Clip that is the question?

On the left is a close up of one of the girls Milopaws - Cupid's Girl Juliette.  The puppies are beginning to look like proper little dogs.  They are finding their feet and over the past 48 hours have put on over 100 grams each.  All goodness from mum.  Tess doen't feed them for long probably about 5 or 10 minutes at each feed.  The pups though are now very good at feeding.  It is important that they get all their nutrition, so really important that mum, Tess, is fed well.  Tess is having regular meals during the day - we have cut out the 3am feed now as Tess and the pups are beginning to sleep longer during the night.

Thoughts now go onto grooming.  The English Cocker Spaniel will need to have some attention paid to this.  Some adult dogs don't like having their feet or ears touched this could in part be due to their early socialisation.  It is important that new puppy parents regularly groom their puppy, touching their paws, tail, ears.  Then puppy will be used to being touched and won't think too much of it.  If they are not walked on the pavement then they may need to have their nails clipped.

The English Cocker spaniel has a coat that has two layers; a short thick undercoat and a light, silky top coat which is flat and straight (but can sometimes be wavy).  It is very soft and silky to touch.  

Initially, I would suggest a gentle brush for a few minutes a day with a soft baby brush. Then brush daily for five or ten minutes, or at least every other day.  This is good bonding time and you may find a ticklish spot.

I have two spaniels and one is half clipped leaving a skirt and feathers.  Feathers refers to the fir on their legs that is clipped in a certain way.  Tess has a natural coat.  I prefer a natural coat, personally I don't think it is that difficult to maintain.  The difference I have found between Georgie's coat and Tess' coat is that Georgie's coat is much thicker, whilst Tess' coat is much silkier and softer to touch.  

Whether your dog has a cocker clip or a natural coat is down to personal choice.  Most groomers will clip your dog to the style and specification of your choice, but it is worth checking this out.  It is up to you what you decide to do with their coat.  They are prone to mats under the armpits and behind the ears.  But I have found that this is not too much of a problem as long as the dog has a daily or every other day brush through.  After all we would all get mats and knots if we didn't brush our hair.

You may decide to groom your dog yourself, if not grooming costs will need to be taken into consideration.  I decided to learn how to groom Georgie, initially to keep grooming costs down.  This has now turned into an enjoyable hobby.  If you would like more information regarding grooming - please see the section entitled 'dog grooming' on my website.