11. Mar, 2017

Quite a lot has been happening this week.

Both dogs have had a bath this week.  Georgie (Tess's mum) has had a full groom, Tess has had a tidy up.  Her feet, ears and tail have been clipped, her coat has been combed through with the coat king - this is a type of comb that pulls out (not as bad as it sounds) the loose fur.  I'll be happy to show future puppy parent my grooming equipment that you may find of interest, when you visit. Tess had been enjoying her walks this week and is willing to take time out from her family.  Although always glad to get back to them and check that they are safe.  Which of course they are.  The puppies are growing fast and gaining weight.  They are much more mobile now and starting to play fight with each other - this is natural puppy behaviour.  As they are growing so fast and all are eating their kibble, today they will start to be fed their kibble twice a day.  Gradually they will be weaned off Tess.  Although she likes to give them a top up of her own milk - this is okay, they are beginning to take less milk from Tess and more kibble.

This week we have put the puppy pen up.  The puppy pen is in the front room at the moment, but in a week or two it will be put in the kitchen.  We have a stone floor there and it will be easier to keep clean - they will experience new everday household sounds.  Also as they grow, I will allow them the freedom of having a run around out of their puppy pen.