20. Mar, 2017

Things to do

The puppies have had quite a busy week this week they have had lots of visitors.  Their new puppy owners have been approved by Tess (mum) and Georgie (grandma).  They have also been visited by the stud dog owner and a fellow cocker spaniel enthusiast.  All puppies have had their tiny paw nails clipped.  I was glad to be shown how to do this by the stud dog owner.  I was a bit nervous about doing this as their claws are so tiny.  However, their tiny nails will be clipped weekly now.


The puppies are having a bit of rest, that is between eating and playing.  But there is a lot to do.  The contracts needs to be drawn up, puppy packs updated and printed off, insurance applied for, microchipping, vaccinations - Oh the list is endless!

The new puppy parents will busy too, finding a vet to register their puppy with, buying a bed, collar and lead.  I thought I would mention my favouritve brand namely - Rogz.  All the aforementioned items can be purchased online at globaldogshop - this will save a trip to the shop, finding a parking space etc.  Their web address is;


Whether you go to the shop or buy online - happy shopping!