4. Apr, 2017

Sleeping Al fresco

What a shame the weather has turned, its a bit too cold and moist for the puppies to venture out today. But the puppies had a rare old time yesterday, exploring the garden and the grass which is a bit long.  The grass must appear like an adventure forest playground.  Would you like to know the daily routine?

The puppies wake around 6.30 - 6.45 - they may be awake a bit before then, but that is the time I hear their little barks.  When I come downstairs - Tess and Georgie are still asleep.  The puppies though need a quick clean out first and formost, so they are contained in their bed (the whelping box).  The floor is cleaned and disinfected and fresh newspaper and training pads are put down.  Then the puppies are fed.  The puppies are hungry, first meal in 12 hours, every crumb is eaten.  They have a short play, at around 7.45 - 8am they go back to sleep.  All that growing they need plenty of sleep.  Tess and Georgie have access to the garden and they have their breakfast, usually Al fresco, unless its raining.  When my husband comes downstairs he is on puppy watch duty.  Tess and Georgie have their walk.  By the time we come back the puppies are usually awake - they have a nice long play and are either outside in the puppy pen, having supervised access to the garden or patio or if its a day like today they will be contained in the dog room.  At 10.50ish they have breakfast number two, another play then another sleep.

They are following a pattern, because after they have had more play and food then they sleep again.  The afternoon is the time that they are usually awake for the longest time, enjoing a nice long play.  At 3pm they have meal number 3, their mosit kibble.  When they have finished their moistened kibble I put down some dry kibble - they enjoy a good crunch and its good for their teeth.  During the afternoon they have a brush over with a baby brush.  They always have access to a bowl of water.  

At 5pm they go back into the puppy pen in the kitchen.  This is where their bed is.  They are usually quite noisey when they go back into the puppy pen, protesting I think about being put back to bed.  But it isn't long before they fall asleep.  They sleep through all the cooking and household noises - they are familiar with everyday sounds now, they are not concerned with all the comings and goings, the cat, doors opening closing and the sound of the TV.  They sleep quite well but wake up around 6.30 -7pm when they have a short play more kibble - although at this mealtime they tend now not to eat all the kibble - then they sleep - right through until the next morning.

Probably by the time the puppies go to their new homes they may be satisfied with three meals a day - it depends I think.  With the puppy that we are keeping I will stop the 11 am meal and bring the 3pm meal forward to 1pm.

Today Tuesday they have had their toe nails and fur around their paws trimmed.  They have this done on a weekly basis - it may seem that it isn't needed, but its important that the puppies get used to having their paws examined and handled.  It takes just a few minutes but an important part of their socialisation.  Next Tuesday though it micro chip, 1st vaccination and vet check day!