14. Apr, 2017

Yes even these little beauties could turn nasty in the wrong hands.

Oh! how my family laughed when I told them I was going on a Canine Communication course the over evening.  Its easy to speak dog, Woof, Grrr.  Yep they took the mick, what is mum getting up to now!  Over the past couple of years I have attended several courses run by Natalie Light that include first aide for dogs and a Life Skills for Puppies course.  Of course I'm no expert but there is always something to learning.

I couldn't begin to delve into every detail of the Canine Communication course but there were a few things that I thought I would share that involve safe behaviour.  If you have children then it may be worth discussing the following with them.

1. Ask permission from the dogs owner before you stroke the dog.

2. Give the dog the choice to come to greet you.

3. Do not crowd the dog or get in their space, this includes hands reaching forward.

4. Never touch a dog that is sleeping or eating.

5. Avoid staring directly at the dog.

Then again for the owner; keep your dog safe by managing interactions, observe and listen to your dog, react calmly, effectively and appropriately and never punish your dog (in otherwords dogs learn through praise and reward).

Not bad advice I think from Natalie who herself is a training and behaviour specialist.  For more information please visit her website.  www.natdogs.com/contact-.html

Natalie herself is a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsillors (APBC) and is a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist this makes her a member of the Animal Behaviourist Traning Council (ABTC).

Interestingly though Natalie discusses that when it comes to training anyone can set themselves up as a trainer.  She herself is very well qualified and suggests that to avoid any potential future problems, that could be in part be brought on by an unqualified although well meaning trainer, that it is in the dogs best interest to find a trainer that is qualified.  So it is advisable to look out for the letters above in brackets when looking for a trainer for your dog.