27. May, 2017

New beginnings

With all puppies now settled into their new homes and our own pup settling in with her own pack.  The time has come to think about puppy classes.  I am also planning to show her so we will be looking at Ringcraft classes.  Lily nearly 15 weeks old is a delight, though I say so myself, we have all noticed that she is friendly with other dogs, children and adults alike, she appears to be very well socialised.  She loves a run around with her mum and grandma.  We are looking forward to taking her out and about next week Lily will probably have sensory overload when she visits the forest - all those woody smells. She will no doubt need a bath, but this won't be her first bath.  Next week we plan to take her to see the sea and hopefully she will have a little paddle.  So lots of fun times ahead for all .. .. .. .. .